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Welcome to Heidi’s House, Smart Plumbing Service, where we bring the future of plumbing technology into your home today. We understand the importance of protecting your residence from potential water damage and conserving water resources. That’s why our Heidi’s House Smart Plumbing solutions offer unparalleled value, focusing on water damage prevention and water conservation via your Smart Home.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), homes across the country leak approximately 10,000 gallons of water yearly, and ten percent of homes have active leaks that waste 90 gallons or more daily. Water leaks waste a precious resource and pose a significant risk of property damage. Water damage is 6x more likely than fire and 8x more likely than theft, with one in fifty U.S. homeowners filing water damage claims annually. The average cost of these claims is a staggering $10,000. As the number of these claims continues to rise, taking proactive steps to prevent water damage in your home is beneficial.

At ©Heidi’s House, we offer a range of Smart Plumbing solutions that bring the future of plumbing technology into your home today. In addition to our exceptional plumbing repair services, we offer a comprehensive range of Smart Plumbing Solutions designed to enhance your home’s efficiency, convenience, and comfort. Our offerings include:

Smart Water Monitoring & Shutoff Systems are WiFi-enabled and Smart Home-integrated systems that reduce the risk of water leaks and damage while providing water usage statistics and water conservation analytics. These systems monitor the temperature and pressure of your home’s water and track your water usage, allowing the system to detect leaks as small as a drop a minute anywhere in your home. Once a leak is detected, it can automatically notify you and shut off the water before a catastrophic leak occurs.

Smart Water Conservation functionality collects data on water usage, allowing you to view consumption patterns and set conservation goals to encourage water savings. By conserving water, you contribute to a sustainable future and potentially qualify for insurance discounts, as many insurers recognize the value of these systems and offer reduced premiums.

Smart Water Heaters are WiFi-enabled and Smart Home-integrated systems that monitor, manage and conserve hot water. Unlike conventional water heaters, which continuously heat water regardless of demand, Smart Water Heaters track usage patterns and temperature levels to create energy-efficient hot water.

Equipped with data analytics, Smart Water Heaters can detect leaks and maintenance issues, providing timely alerts to prevent potential problems. This proactive approach helps you avoid unexpected cold showers and protects your home from water damage caused by broken supply pipes or failed water heater tanks. And because Smart Water Heaters are like-for-like replacements, replacing a conventional Water Heater with a Smart one is easy.

Smart Sprinklers Controllers are WiFi-enabled and Smart Home-integrated systems that manage your irrigation schedule, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. These controllers dynamically adapt to prevailing weather conditions by intelligently optimizing your in-ground irrigation system, helping you achieve a thriving landscape while conserving water.

By connecting to the internet and utilizing real-time weather data, Smart Sprinkler Controllers ensure you avoid overwatering during rainfall or underwatering on hot, dry days. Moreover, their Smart app controls make it easy to create watering schedules that align with local conditions, such as watering on specific days or at designated hours. With the added advantage of reducing your water bill, these smart systems offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Smart Faucets bring hands-free operation to your kitchen and bathroom, allowing you to control water flow, temperature, and duration with voice commands or preset settings. Gone are the days of fumbling with dirty hands or using elbows to run the sink. With a simple wave or tap, smart faucets eliminate the need for physical contact, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment by preventing cross-contamination and reducing the need for excessive cleaning.

Beyond the convenience and hygiene advantages, smart faucets provide additional features that contribute to a greener home. With leak detection capabilities and automatic shutoff timers, these faucets help conserve water. By actively monitoring and preventing water wastage, smart faucets align with sustainable practices, allowing you to make an eco-conscious choice without compromising functionality.

While the cost of smart faucets may be higher compared to traditional options, they offer an enticing array of time-saving and money-saving perks for Smart Home enthusiasts.

Experience the benefits of Smart Plumbing Technology with Heidi’s House. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with installation, repair, and service throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to protect your home, conserve water, and enjoy the convenience of a Smart Plumbing system.

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